DAMS Hope Squad

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DAMS Hope Squad

What is Hope Squad?

Well, Hope Squad is a new program at our local DuBois Middle School that could quite literally save lives!

Hope Squad aims to empower kids to talk to each other and identify the signs that someone is considering suicide, and teaching them to speak up when they know someone needs some help.

Greg Hudnall, the founder of Hope Squad, talks about the stories behind how this program is changing lives, saving lives, and could do the same thing for our kids.

How can DAMS parents gets involved?

Check out the Parental Guide HERE.

Learn more about DAMS Hope Squad’s partnership with Clearfield-Jefferson Suicide Prevention HERE.

DAMS Hope Squad Contacts

Darren Hack, DAMS Principal: (814) 375-8770

Christine Kline, DAMS Guidance Counselor:  (814) 375-8770

Sonya Fetterhoff, Priority Media Promotions: (814) 375-5260 ext. 715

Lori Lewis, Priority Media General Manager:  (814) 375-5260 ext. 701