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  Sunny 106 and Connect FM are looking for local sports broadcasters for football, basketball, and baseball...Are you or someone you know interested? No experience needed! Training available! Contact Marissa Rigatti at 814-372-1065 or email her at MARISSA@SUNNY106.FM Priority Communications is an equal opportunity employer.

The Coach Tom Weaver Show, October 22nd

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After the Rovers' latest win over Clarion, 48-19...what's next for this Senior heavy Brockway team? Can they stay balanced as they head into Curwensville? Listen to our full interview with Coach Weaver below! Congratulations to our Player(s) of the Game...The Brockway Offensive Line!

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, October 22nd

This week’s reading includes the card “The Sage” which represents wisdom, hidden knowledge, retreat, and patience. Here we see wisdom and deep inner understanding. One of the keys to wisdom is to organize, integrate, and simplify one’s thoughts. Complexity often leads to confusion, simplicity is to be valued.  The Sage signifies mental discipline informed by balanced learning and compassion. Tradition is valued but appropriate change is accepted. The Sage knows when to let go and when to move on. He knows when to retreat and think things over. He compassionately and wisely shares his knowledge with others, teaching by example. The scales of justice are balanced in the Sage’s hands. Deep consideration and refined judgement may need to be applied with compassion and mercy. The Sage reminds you to look within. You know more than you are giving yourself credit for. Deep internal wisdom and knowledge should not be overlooked.

Happy Birthday October 22nd!

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  Happy Birthday!!!   Rachael and Rebeeka Seary(twins)-24-Love, Derek and Shawn Latoshia Hale-27- Love, family, friends, and all your clients at Ohh La La Salon   Congrats to Rachael and Rebeeka, winners of a gift certificate to DooLittle Station!

Morning Trivia, October 22nd

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What Poke hand are you holding if you have " two fish hooks?" A pair of twos A pair of Kings A pair of Jacks   Answer...: A pair of Jacks!   Congrats to Francy Cheatle of St. Marys, winner of a free lunch buffet pass from Firehouse Pizzeria (drink not included, dine-in only.)  

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Brockway wins over Clarion, 48-19!

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It was another great game, Rovers fans! The Rovers win over the Bobcats, 48-19! Stream the game in full below! Congratulations to our johnsonauto.com Player(s) of the Game...The Brockway Offensive Line!