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Nick Proietti
Nick Proietti
1:00pm - 4:00pm

Weekly Tarot Card Reading

Presented by Raven Moon's Oracle

This week’s tarot reading includes the card, “ The Glanconer”, who represents illusion, delusion, lust, projection, and clear sight.

It is not good to make decisions when blinded by lust. Whether it is lust for a person, a thing, or an idea, we need to pause and take our time before making actual commitments.  We need to read the fine print, check out the foundations, get a mechanic to test the so – beautiful secondhand car. If we are considering buying something, we can refuse to let ourselves be rushed into it and take time to make sure it is really what we think it is. If we are considering making a commitment to other people, we need to take our time and really get to know them much better. This is another lesson in seeing the truth behind a beglamoured surface, though in this case it is we who have cast the glamour.