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Weekly Tarot Card Reading

This week’s tarot reading includes the card, “O! That Gnome”, who represents breaking habits and patterns.
He reminds us that it’s time to leap into the air, letting the earth turn beneath you, and discover where you come down again. Reasonable risks are okay. Even unrealistic risks are probably okay. Use your head and look before you leap, of course, but do so understanding that the actual jump is likely to be very rewarding. No guarantees, but then there never really are anyway, no matter how pretty the paper they may seem to be printed on and the scroll work around the edges.
Forces of chaos are at work. Things may not be as they seem, and this may very well be a good thing. Look for the unexpected, find the opportunity in it and go for it. No matter how confusing things may seem, there is a way to make them better- but it is a creative way, one you haven’t tried before.
The Gnome reminds us to, “think new thoughts!” It’s okay to laugh at yourself sometimes, and allow the laughter to carry you into new insights and new ways of being.