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Weekly Tarot Card Reading


This week’s card is “Ta’Om the Poet”, which signifies poetry, laughter, not getting into serious mischief.

This card suggests that youthful spirits and energy abound. This is the time to do exciting things and to tackle projects you’ve been wanting to do but for which you perhaps felt you didn’t have the time or energy. It may even be the time to write about them, but you probably need to do them first.

Ta’Om often show up for people who have a talent and inclination for writing. Possibly the only thing he ever gets excited about is his writing, and he will spend all the time he needs searching for just the right word. Speaking and writing with conviction and sincerity and the ability to persuade others are indicated by Ta’Om’s presence, along with an outpouring of ideas.

You may also find yourself thinking about romance and deciding that you want more of it in your life. This doesn’t necessarily mean looking for someone new, it might well involve putting some romantic fizz into a relationship that has become overly routine.