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Sunny Music!

Weekly Tarot Card Reading


This week’s reading includes the card, “Losgunna”. She represents discovery of self and adventure.

Exploration is what this card is all about, and through exploring and seeing what we really are, warts and all, we discover parts of our talents and potentials that have been hidden by old traumas and misunderstandings, or by lack of opportunities.

Losgunna’s explorations are not limited to the realm of the emotions, but also include the world. She wants us to dive deeply into new experiences. Listen to different styles of music with open ears, try new tastes, look at new sights, and try them all will the open willingness of a child. She especially wants you to explore new ideas.

Losgunna tells us to pay attention to our dreams, to listen to the distant sounds of angelic music among the stars.

As important as it is to explore inner realms, she tells us that exploration of the outer realms is also vital. She suggests we go places we have never been, try things we have never done, take classes on subjects we always meant to study someday. Explore widely and deeply in our own world so that we develop the adventurousness of our spirits.