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Weekly Tarot Card Reading

This week’s reading includes the card “Tobaira of the Waters” which represents emotions, serenity, meditation, and gracefully accepting change.
Water is mutable, changeable, fluid, and Tobaira speaks to us of a particular kind of change – change of emotions and possibly a change in health.
We have important choices to make about how we meet those changes and where we let them take us – towards the calm, flowing purity of the healing waters or the boiling cauldron of hot temper and steamy emotions. The choice is obvious, but we sometimes forget that we have the choice.
Tobaira reminds us that we do have a choice, and making it, wisely or unwisely, determines our future.
The things we need in life remain constant, no matter what is going on or how hectic the changes and pressures in our life may be. We need nurturing and love, and it is ultimately up to us to provide that for ourselves.