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Marty McMillen
Marty McMillen
1:00pm - 5:00pm

Weekly Tarot Card Reading

Presented by Raven Moon's Oracle

This week’s reading includes the card “Gawtcha”

He is bringing the message to get ready for sudden breakdowns of existing structures, habits, patterns, and/or attitudes. When we become too tightly confined by our own self imposed limitations (including the desire for comfort and security). Gawtcha kindly breaks the structure restraining us, whether we think we want him to do this or not.
On a soul level we know this is necessary, but in our everyday thoughts we usually get upset over it. However, breakdown can lead to break through. This is liberation- and we often haven’t a clue what to do with it. This is usually a time of confusion while we search for a way forward; although we may think we are simply searching for a way back to what we had before.
Do not try and pick up the pieces and put them back like they were. Consider, instead, what you would like to build in that part of your life and this time remember to leave room for growth.