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Murphy, Sam, and Jodi
Murphy, Sam, and Jodi
5:00am - 9:00am

Weekly Tarot Card Reading, October 2nd


This week’s card is “Himself”.

This card speaks of a great amount of victory, confidence and power.  There is leadership, an ability to command, integrity, and wild power channeled for the good of all.

It is an important time for you to balance yourself; mind, body, and soul, so you are in a positive space to channel this great energy towards the progression and positive manifestation. If you are not balanced you may manifest more negative.

So taking the time to care and nurture yourself is going to be an important step in making sure that the way you focus your energy is for the greater good of all.

Himself speaks of protection. Either to yourself or to someone around you that you owe it to. Acceptance of parental responsibility is important, as are deep and committed relationships. He is the preserver of the natural world and its balances.  There is a potential for deep spiritual healing. He also speaks of passion and potent creativity.