My Martin’s Item of the Day, June 19th

          Congrats to Sandy Allen of DuBois for guessing today's My Martin's Item of the Day! Sandy won a $25 gift card to Martin's, Hoover Avenue in DuBois!

My Martin’s Item of the Day, June 18th

    Congrats to Melinda Sloppy of Troutville, winner of today's My Martin's Giveaway! Melinda won a $25 gift card to My Martin's, Hoover Avenue, DuBois!

Birthdays, June 18th

Happy Birthday!!!   Jackie Kurten-30!-Love, family Missy Gustafson-34-Love, family and friends James Smith-35-Love, family Jessica Wilson-- Keith Henry-40!-Love, family Lisa Gabler--Love, family and friends Melinda Ishman--   Congrats to James Smith, winner of a gift certificate to the Depot at Doolittle's Station!

Morning Trivia, June 18th

On Sesame Street, which two characters live in an apartment at 123 Sesame Street? Big Bird and Oscar Bert and Ernie Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog     Answer...: Bert and Ernie!   Congrats to Holly Lashinsky of Reynoldsville, winner of a free lunch buffet pass from Firehouse Pizzeria (drink not included, dine-in... Read More.