Birthdays, June 20th

Happy Birthday!!!   Andrew Wallace-62-Love, family Danny Frantz-- Luke Nelson Jr-60!!!-Love, Janet Maddison Ross-10!-Love, family Tim Bembenik Jr-32-Love, Uncle Brian Allen-44-Love, Mom, Dad, and the family   Congrats to Maddison, winner of a gift certificate to the Depot at Doolittle's Station!

My Martin’s Item of the Day, June 19th

          Congrats to Sandy Allen of DuBois for guessing today's My Martin's Item of the Day! Sandy won a $25 gift card to Martin's, Hoover Avenue in DuBois!

My Martin’s Item of the Day, June 18th

    Congrats to Melinda Sloppy of Troutville, winner of today's My Martin's Giveaway! Melinda won a $25 gift card to My Martin's, Hoover Avenue, DuBois!