Happy Bobette Thursday!

Happy Bobette Thursday!!!   Remember to stop by the Bobette Diner for Tri-County's best breakfast...or just grab a BLT to go!  

Happy Birthday November 15th

  Happy Birthday!!!   David Rouch-37-From family and friends Rachel Steele--From, the DuBois Jaycees Heather Moriarity--Love, family and friends Jessica Cativera-12-Love, Grandma and Papa   Congrats to Rachel, winner of a free breakfast sandwich from the Bobette Diner!

Coat Collections continue with Joe’s

Help make sure everyone in our community stays warm with our Annual Coat Collection with Joe’s Cleaning and Alterations! Donate gently used coats of all sizes, especially kids’ coats, to Joe’s Cleaning and Alterations on West Long Avenue in DuBois. Joe’s will then clean and will... Read More.

Morning Trivia, November 15th

  In the opening scene of the credits for "The Brady Bunch," which of the female characters appears in the upper corner?   Alice Carol Marcia   Answer...Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!!!! Take a trip down memory lane with the opening scene here! Congrats to Roger Thomas of DuBois, winner of a free lunch buffet... Read More.

Happy Birthday November 14th

Happy Birthday!!!   Emily Senior-18-Love, Grandma and Grandpa Fike   Congrats to Emily, winner of a breakfast sandwich from the Bobette Diner!

Morning Trivia, November 14th

The March of Dimes was originally founded to help find a vaccine for what?   Polio Jaundice Influenza   Answer... Polio! See the March of Dimes history here. Congrats to Greg Taylor of Brockway, winner of a free lunch buffet pass from Firehouse Pizzeria ( drink not included, dine-in only.)