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Morning Trivia, June 16th

Buzzfeed has a list of 19 "behind-the-scenes" facts about '90s movies that you may not have known and Titanic made their list! So, which actor almost played jack Dawson from Titanic before Leo stole the role? Matthew McConaughey Ben Affleck Jonathan Taylor ThomasAnswer... Matthew!... Read More.

Morning Trivia, May 20th

Used to complete the first transcontinental railway, the last spike was made of what kind of material? Gold Platinum TitaniumAnswer...Gold! Learn more about "The Last Spike" here. 

DuBois Rotary Radio Auction Results

DuBois, PA – Over the weekend, the Rotary Radio Auction broke an all-time record and raised more than $36,000!Thank you to everyone who donated items and placed bids!This is the Rotary’s only fundraiser, so it’s incredibly important that people call in each year to place... Read More.