Morning Trivia, August 14th

34 years ago today, in 1985, this artist bought the publishing rights to most of the Beatles' music catalog for $47.5 million. It is now estimated to be worth well over $1 billion!   Justin Timberlake Elvis Presley Michael Jackson   Answer...King of Pop: Michael Jackson! Learn more about the purchase

Happy Birthday, Aug 9th-12th

Happy Birthday!!!   Troy Bell--From the Reynoldsville Community Austin Henry-15-Love, Great-Grandma Betty Lily Ferut-1-Love, Mom, Dad, and the family Joshua Penvose--Love, family and friends and the Penvose Power   Congrats to Troy Bell, winner of a breakfast sandwich from The Bobette Diner!

Morning Trivia, August 7th

237 years ago today, in 1782, George Washington created this military order/honor, which is given exclusively to servicemen wounded in combat. It is the oldest military decoration still in use.   Purple Heart Medal of Freedom Legion of Honor Answer..The Order of the Purple Heart. Congrats to Gayle Anderson of Rockton, winner... Read More.