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Lyndsay Fox’s Wish with Make-A-Wish


Big Run, PA – Friday was a big day for a little girl from Big Run who is battling a rare type of cancer, LCH… Lyndsay Fox, a bright 7-year-old girl with a lot of personality, finally got her wish through Make-A-Wish!

Check back to listen to the full interview with Lyndsay’s mom, Christine Fox.

Originally the family had hoped to go to Disney World, but they decided a few weeks ago to cancel the trip because of all of the uncertainty with COVID-19 and not wanting to put Lyndsay’s immune system at risk.

Instead, Lyndsay rolled with the punches and decided to do a shopping spree instead. She decided to get stuff to redo her bedroom… everything from new paint and flooring to even a new loft bed with a slide! The room is unicorn themed. The walls are purple and the ceiling is bright pink with sparkles!

Photo provided by the Fox family as they painted Lyndsay’s room

A limo picked up the family on Friday to go to lunch at Hoss’s where she met Hoss Man and got a gift basket full of Hoss’s treats and gift cards, plus a flower arrangement from Brady Street Florist.

Then they headed to Lowes and Wal-Mart to pick out whatever Lyndsay wanted there. They made an unplanned stop at PetCo when Lyndsay decided she wanted a pet bed for her room so her dog could sleep there too. She also got taken by limo back to her house to order anything online that she wanted.

While in the limo, Lyndsay joked that she wished a limo could take her to her last appointment in Pittsburgh this August. The driver from Premier Limousine LLC overheard and said he would certainly do that for free! It was another unexpected treat during a wonderful day for the family.

Happy Wish Day to Lyndsay!

Keep listening on Monday morning on our radio stations! We’ll have an audio interview with Lyndsay’s family about the Make-A-Wish shopping spree.

Want to learn more about Lyndsay’s journey and show her some support? Her family has created a Facebook group.

Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis is a cancer that generally affects the skin and bones but can involve any organ in the body. Lyndsay has been undergoing chemotherapy. Her final chemotherapy infusions are coming up soon, and then she’ll continue on liquid chemo at home through July. She’s expected to be able to ring the “done with chemo” bell at the hospital this August!

Make-A-Wish grants magical wishes to children dealing with critical illnesses, allowing them to forget about their medical conditions and just be a kid.

Some kids wish for vacations, to redecorate their rooms, for pets, to meet one of their heroes or anything that they could dream of. It’s about more than just one day of fun… these memories last a lifetime and can truly make a difference.

Would you like to donate to our local Greater PA and WV Make-A-Wish, helping grant those magical wishes to kids like Lyndsay?

Please visit the Greater PA and WV Make-A-Wish website, or call directly to make a local donation to the Punxsutawney office at 814-938-888.