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Marty McMillen

Marty McMillen

Marty McMillen

About Marty McMillen

Marty was born in Punxsutawney and raised in the small town of Mahaffey. He graduated from Purchase Line High School, before graduating from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor's of Science in Communications Media and a minor in Sociology. While at IUP, Marty started his career in radio at WPXZ-FM/WECZ-AM in Punxsutawney doing news and on-air work. He did an internship and was hired part-time on-air at WSHH-FM, Wish 99.7 in Pittsburgh.

Marty was hired full-time at WPXZ/WECZ on-air for 12 years before being promoted to Program Director. He was out of radio for a short stint before being brought on part time here at Sunny 106 and Connect FM. Marty plans on continuing to hone his craft, meet that special woman and live life to the fullest. In the words of Marty, "In my world, life is a constant work in progress."

Q&A with Marty

Growing up: I was always drawn to entertaining and recording various sounds.

Getting into radio:  I was a sophomore in college studying Communications Media.

Career Highlight: Working on-air at WSHH - FM in Pittsburgh (Wish 99.7)

One person in history you would like to meet:  Jesus.

Three dinner guests: Billy Graham, George Washington & Jack Lambert

Favorite singer or group:  Tony Williams Lifetime (the original lineup)

Favorite movie: Liar, Liar

Favorite T.V. Show: Classic albums on VH1 Classic

Words to live by:  "Actions speak louder than words"

Favorite Food: Pizza

Beverage of choice:  Diet Pepsi

Hobbies:  concerts, sporting events, researching the history of music.

Life Goal:  when my hobbies and job become one.

Greatest Fear: the fear of heights

Charity of Choice:  the Church