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Marty McMillen
Marty McMillen
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The Best SEO



There is no better search tool than your own brand name.

You can spend buckets of money to “get to the top of the page on Google” and even if you do, what will your prospective customer find?

If people are looking for your product or service they will do one of two things…. they will “google” your business category or they will type your name in the search bar.  The results are very different!

Your business category brings up national ads first (the big guys will always pay more to be on the top of the page), a review site like YELP! and ALL of your competitors!  Your brand name brings up YOUR business.

Type in your business name and there you are at the top of the page with your Google business profile to the top right .  You don’t really want to share the screen with local and national competitors, do you?   And you get to the “top of the page” without paying google!

That’s why we’ve been saying for years you really want people to “know you before they need you.”  If your next new customer types your name in the search box, you win!

And if they type your business category in the search box and prospects see a name they know along with several they don’t, you will probably win too.  Familiarity is hugely underrated when it comes to marketing.

The digital arm of our company, Priority Digital, offers a low cost local SEO product that helps you perform much better in local online searches in your product category.  This product will help your online presence without breaking the bank.

And while SEO can aid in search, it cannot build a brand name.  The best way to build a brand is through local radio advertising.  With radio you can use the power of sound and emotion to create positive feelings about you.  What people think about you matters.

What you say times how many times you say it is still the best way to get results from your marketing budget.

We’ll use this space to discuss how radio and digital work together.

In the meantime, if you have questions or comments you can email me at [email protected].