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Weekly Tarot Card Reading


This week’s tarot reading includes the card,  “A Collective of Pixies” which represents duty, willingness, joyful participation, and virtue.

What is needed here is not only an awareness of duty, but a merry approach to it. This job has to be done, so one might as well do it willingly. Progress through this dance maze step by step lightly. Take joy and pride in achievement. Approach this work with zeal, zest, and zing- and perhaps even a little zaniness as well . Otherwise, you might as well not bother – well almost.

There is something about this lighthearted approach to your duty that is important at this time in order to achieve the results you want.

Additionally,  consider the words collective and cooperative as you make your plans.

This situation may take more than one person, perhaps several working together to achieve the desired results.  Joining forces with others is important at this time.

Seek the cooperation of friends, family, coworkers, and faeries, as appropriate.