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Weekly Tarot Card Reading

Presented by Raven Moon's Oracle

This week’s card is “Sylvanius” which indicates truth, cutting through deception, and clarity.

At this time you are discovering new truths about yourself. They are essential for you to know in order to create relationships based on mutual respect, affection and trust.  These things can only work if we see ourselves and others as we are. Currently, both spirit world and this world are functioning as a giant mirror in which we see ourselves in many surprising ways. People tend to dread this because we assume that we are worse than we think we are,  but this is far from necessarily true. Now is a time for finding out the false and misleading beliefs that you have accepted and discovering that you are a better person than you thought- and have the potential to accomplish more than you believed you could. If someone says you are better or simply different that you think you are, don’t automatically reject this. Think it over carefully. You have more to give and more to enjoy than you have been giving yourself credit for.