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Lou Jordan
Lou Jordan
4:00pm - 7:00pm

Weekly Tarot Card Reading

This week’s tarot reading involves “G. Hobyah”.
He represents  facing your fears, confronting that which scares you or holds you back. By confronting them you will realize that they are only feeding into your self doubt. He speaks of imaginary fears, unreal hazards and realistic caution.
It is time to look for the truth behind our fears, to distinguish between what is real and what is just our projection of old traumas and fears into our imaginary future. By delving into our old patterns, we can see past them to a more liberating life. Only by facing these fears honestly and seeing them, for what they are, do we gain greater ability to open our hearts to courage and gain strength to face the really difficult challenges in our lives. Each false fear confronted and resolved make us more stronger.
Now is the time to believe in yourself, in all your capabilities and all that you wish to accomplish.
Don’t allow the fear, worry and self doubt to hold you back or control you. Now is the time to face your fears and push back. You’ll see they will shrink in size and you can put the focus on what really matters right now. Don’t get sidetracked.
You have some great things to accomplish and fear and worry are not part of this story.