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Weekly Tarot Card Reading


This week’s tarot reading includes the card, “The Spirit Dancer”,  who represents self-expression, freedom, and exploration.

Now is the time to focus and really concentrate  on a project or process, especially one involving the creative arts. Spontaneity balanced by self-discipline will help us achieve our goals. Strive for elegance and simplicity. This is a time to bring out and share qualities that we have nurtured in private.

Now is the time to let go of feelings of vulnerability or inadequacy. It is the time to be our free spirits and embrace all that we are and be proud of our talents and skills.

This is the time to share our talents with others.

Spirit Dancer encourages us to take creative action from our place of personal power, the inner core of true feeling and understanding within us.  She wants us to clarify our vision, find the creative potential that lies hidden and turn it into free flowing finely balanced -evolving order.

She wants to aid us in making our best fantasies real.