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Weekly Tarot Card Reading, October 15th


This week’s reading includes the cards,  “Arval Parrot”, which signifies communication, and “ Lys of the Shadows, which signifies self-esteem and healing.

Clear communications are vitally important here. Strive for verbal brilliance. Listen carefully. Be willing to calmly debate the issues and explore ideas with others. Open communication will enhance the chances of success all around. Watch body language, incomplete sentences, and unfinished thoughts, and try to discover what these signals are meant to get across.  By doing this, it will help heal yourself and help you in healing others. This will assist in developing true self- respect and self -esteem.

Working with these energies will help usher in a time of healing. There is hope here, and a need for loving kindness tempered by practicality.  You can help others, but they need to be receptive and you and other people need to be helpful.

The support is there for those who have time for others.