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Weekly Tarot Card Reading





This week’s reading involves Arval Parrot, The Friends and The Fee Lion.


This week may give you some hard truths to consider. What you’re missing in your life, what you need and what you may want. Be truthful with yourself. Communicate your needs very clearly. If they involve other people, especially friends, watch your words. Make sure you use compassion, understanding and love, especially when discussing serious matters. You have a great support system, seek them out for counsel during this time.

Now is all about planning what it is you really need and want to make yourself happy. Don’t make any big moves this week, right now is a time of thought, ideas and strategies. But hold off on any big moves. Right now it’s about getting things in order. Whatever you have in front of you presently that you have been working on for the past few weeks or months, get it all solidified and wrapped up. Complete what has been incomplete and tidy your loose ends, because your focus is needed elsewhere soon. You can’t contemplate and plan your next move if you’re still working on projects that you’ve started already. Get those cleaned up and completed and then start thinking about where you need to go next. This is a time of thought, ideas, and communication. But remember hold off on any big moves right now. This is a time of serious thought and planning.

You’ll know in the next few weeks or months when to take action.

Trust yourself.