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Nick Proietti
Nick Proietti
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Weekly Tarot Card Reading

Presented by Raven Moon's Oracle

Raven Moon’s Oracle presents

The Weekly Tarot Card Reading

This week’s tarot reading includes the card, “ The Singer of Intuition” which represents awareness and trust.

The presence of the Singer of Intuition indicates that information is available to us if we will just listen to our own inner knowing. Perhaps we have already heard it and still doubt our subtle senses. The Singer says this is the time to really listen to our intuition. What are our feelings, hunches, or intuitions about this situation? It is desirable that we should seek solitude, meditate, and practice stillness and patience. This is a time for inward focus, a time to open the inner door to intuition ( there are a lot of “in”s in this sentence because important answers are to be found within ourselves.)